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Microcell Problems


Are you having problems with the AT&T Microcell? Review the items below for answers to common questions.


This is a great technical guide too if you need to reference it: 


Q1. Your phone isn't connecting to the Microcell.


NOTE: Your phone must have AT&T service to connect to the AT&T Microcell. I.T. staff must add your phone number to the specific Microcell that you are trying to connect to before you can be associated with it.


TIP: If your phone has the capability of "wifi-calling", you should use that instead of connecting to the Microcell. AT&T will be ending support to Microcell devices in the near future.




1. Power off the AT&T Microcell device and power it back on. Give your phone at least 3 minutes to try to connect to it.


2. If Step #1 doesn't work, try turning on "Airplane Mode" on your phone. Then turn "Airplane Mode" off on your phone. This will force your phone to look for available connections (whether the Microcell or wireless).


3. If the steps above didn't work, turn off wifi on your phone. Turn off Airplane Mode. Turn off your phone and turn it back on. M-Cell or Microcell should now be displayed. Once connected, you can turn wifi on again.



Q2. The lights on the Microcell device aren't green and my phone won't connect.


A2. Review this article.



Q3. The lights on the Microcell device are flashing red. 


NOTE: AT&T periodically performs maintenance on the Microcell devices. Part of which is verying your location which may require a reboot. If the reboot fails, then the unit may not re-register correctly with AT&T.



1. Unplug the power to the Microcell. Leave it unplugged for 2 minutes. Make sure the Microcell is in a window so that it can get access to a satellite. Plug the power back into the Microcell.


2. If the lights do not return to green within a few minutes, you will need to perform a hard reset by following these steps. Turn off the Power to the MicroCell. Push a paperclip into the small reset hole in the back. Keep pushing in on the button while restoring the power. Continue to hold it in for about 30 seconds and release it. The Microcell will reset itself back to factory defaults and go through the Initial Activation process. The settings will remain intact since it's still associated with the AT&T account it was originally setup with.

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